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Forums provide a place where our residents can congregate, collaborate, and discuss ideas. Each Forum has a different subject area.  Below is a step-by-step description of how you participate in a discussion on an existing Topic in an existing Forum:

  • Click on the Forum of interest.  Now you will see various Topics.  Click on the title of the Topic of interest.
  • Now you can read for this Topic the various posts your neighbors have entered. To add your thoughts to the conversation, click on the Reply button.  You will have to first enter your name, and then you can enter your reply.  Please note that the Forums are currently open to the “public”.
  • Within a Forum there may be many Topics.  If it could be unclear which topic you are responding to, click on the relevant topic’s Quote button and then enter your Reply.  The topic you are replying to will appear with your reply (just like your email system).
  • You will not be automatically informed of new Forum or topic activity.  To be informed you must click on the appropriate Subscribe link.  You will then receive email notices of new updates.  If you do not Subscribe, you will have to browse each Forum manually. You can unsubscribe to any Forum or Topic at any time by clicking on the Subscribe link again to reverse your preference.
You can control how often you will receive email notices on new activity -- immediately, daily (the default), or weekly.  To do this you must be registered on the web site.  You can then click on the View profile link (below left), and then click on the Email settings tab.

You may wish to add a a New Topic to an existing Forum.  To do this you will have to enter the user name and password you used to access the Member Directory last fall. If you never entered them, or have forgotten them, for the time being you can use an email address of and a password of Mohicanhills (case sensitive).  Please include your name and your email address in your Topic statement so people will know that you have opened a new topic.  At a later time we will help you become enrolled in the Directory. 

If you would like to add a New Forum please contact the web site administrator (currently Dick Fiddleman) and he will help you set it up. 



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General Posts (listserv) This general purpose Forum enables our residents to inform their neighbor of activities of interest and to seek information from their neighbors on a variety of topics. The Forum essentially serves the same purpose as the current Mohican Hills listserv. If you create a new topic check the box Stick to top of forum so it will appear on the top of the list.
12 Oct 2018 3:44 PM Anonymous member
Web Site Comments Forum Our web site is a work in progress. This Forum is the mechanism to capture your ideas for new web site pages (topics), comments, criticisms, etc.
13 Oct 2013 4:52 PM Anonymous member (Administrator)
Westbard Redevelopment Forum This Forum enables Mohican Hills residents to over the next five to ten years discuss Equity One's redevelopment of Westbard Avenue.
05 Jul 2014 5:05 PM Anonymous member (Administrator)

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