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Creating your family’s entry in the Online Directory is at most a five step process.    Before we begin some helpful background information:

  • The software that we are using to host the online Directory, Wild Apricot, is used by over 14,000 membership organizations worldwide.  (Information about Wild Apricot can be found at 
  • Each Wild Apricot organization typically has activities that involve a subset of its members.  Wild Apricot uses the neutral term “bundle” for these subsets of members.  In our case our bundles are our families, regardless of their size.
  • Each family must appoint a "bundle administrator" who will create and maintain their family’s entry in the Online Directory.  None of their activities are complicated or require much knowledge of computer software.
  • Each person who has a unique email address will have their own profile in the Online Directory. Young children, who do not have their own email address, cannot have their own profile in the Directory. They can, however, optionally appear in the bundle administrator's profile.
  • You may find that a record already exists for your family in the Online Directory database from our abortive prior attempt to create the Online Directory. Please carefully review this data and delete any erroneous data.

Step 1: (Mandatory) Email Us Your Basic Data

You, (your family’s bundle administrator), needs to send us an email with your own basic personal data: your first and last name, street address, land line phone number if one exists, mobile telephone number if it exists, and the email address and password you will use as the bundle administrator.  It would be helpful if you included in your email an indication if you appeared in the 2012 Printed Directory.  Our email address is

Step 2: (Mandatory) Review Your Directory Profile

After we receive your email we will compare its data to what we already have on file (from 2012) and make any necessary edits.  We will also enter your email address and password. When we are done we will send you an email that tells you that you can now login and complete the remainder of your profile and the profiles of the other members of your family.  If you don't hear from us in a week let us know.

Now go to the home page of our web site --  Enter your email address and password in the login area, which is in the lower left hand section of the home page.  After you log in your name will appear in the login area.  Now click on the View profile link. The My Profile page appears. The first section of your profile is your membership level.  It should be family. The middle section lists the other people in your family that have their own profile.   The remainder of your profile appears in the lower part of the page. If your profile data is correct and you live alone, you’re done.  However, don't be surprised if there is erroneous data in your profile (and the other family member's profiles.) Just erase the erroneous data.

Step 3: (Optional) Changing Your Personal Data

If you need to edit your personal data click on the Edit profile button.  Now you can edit your data. Most fields are self-explanatory.  Hopefully, the help message for each field in your profile will explain the field’s content. 

The one situation that needs some explanation is how to include your children in your family’s entry.  If your child is old enough to have their own email address, and you want them to appear as a separate individual when someone does a name search in our online directory, you should add them in as a separate person in your family’s record (see Step 4.)  If, however, your children are so young that they don’t have their own email address, or if you do not want them to appear in a directory name search, then include them in your profile in one of the Children field.

Step 4: (Optional) Complete the Remainder of Your Family’s Directory Entry

You are now at the point where you can complete the profile data on the remainder of your family members.  To do this you will need to go back to your My Profile page.  On this page the names of the other members of your bundle will appear in the Bundle summary section.  Click on each person's name and review, and if necessary, edit their data.  If someone is missing from your bundle just click on the Add member button and enter their profile data. However, bear in mind that Wild Apricot requires that every person who will have their own profile must have their own unique email address.  If in your household multiple people are sharing the same email address, these people will need to have a fake email address. In the email address help message you can read how you can try and trick Wild Apricot so you can create a bogus email address. If you are not sure of what to do please contact us.  

If a bundle member is no longer in your bundle let us know and we will remove them.  Only we can remove a person from a bundle.

Step 5: (Optional) Review Your Handiwork

As a final check, click on the Mohican Hills Directory main menu option and look up your family’s entry.  If all is fine, you’re done.  If there a problem you will need to go back in and fix them.  If you need help please email us; we will be happy to help you.

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