Mohican Hills Citizen Association

2. Complete the Bundle Administrator's Profile

After you, the BA, gets the email from us to proceed, go to the home page of our web site --  Enter your email address and password in the login area, which is in the lower left hand section of the home page.  After you log in your name will appear in the login area.  Now click on the View profile link. Now, your My profile page appears. The first section of your profile is your membership level.  It should be Family. If not, let us know. The middle section lists the other people in your family that have their own profile.  We will come back to them after you have completed your profile so remember they appear in the My profile page.   The remainder of your profile appears in the lower part of the page.  If you live alone, and your profile data is correct, you’re done. However, don't be surprised if there is erroneous data in your profile (and the other family members' profiles.) Just erase the erroneous data.

If you need to edit your personal data click on the Edit profile button.  Now you can edit your data. Most fields are self-explanatory.  Hopefully, the help message for each field in your profile will explain the field’s content. 

The one situation that needs some explanation is where to include your children in your family’s entry.  If your child is old enough to have their own email address, and you want them to appear as a separate individual when someone does a name search in our online directory, you should add them in as a separate person in your family’s record (see Step 3.)  If, however, your children are so young that they don’t have their own email address, or if you do not want them to appear separately where they would appear in a directory name search, then include them in your profile in one of the Children fields.

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